Dirk's Pre-Vendome Straps


During several years of collecting pre-Vendôme watches, I was able to lay my hands on numerous original NOS spare straps. These have the old-style fancy 24mm buckle sewn into the strap. Buckles are either bright stainless steel or black PVD-coated.

Most of the straps are 24mm wide for Luminors (fitting both pre-Vendome and contemporary Luminors).

I have additionally some 22/22mm straps with 22mm SS Mare Nostrum buckle (fits MN and 40mm).

Also some 26/24mm straps with 24mm SS buckle for pre-1956 vintage watches (3646, 6152, 6152-1 and 6154 with fixed wire lugs or horn lugs).

Photos of a Dirk sharkskin strap (this particular colour is no longer available in Mako Shark)

Photos of a Dirk matte-nubuk dark grey sharkskin (Mako Shark) in 22/22mm size with 22mm Mare Nostrum buckle



1 inch = 2,54cm  
135/90mm fits wrists 21 to 22cm
130/85mm fits wrists 20 to 21cm
125/80mm fits wrists 19 to 20cm
120/75mm fits wrists 18 to 19cm
115/70mm fits wrists 17 to 18cm
110/65mm fits wrists 16 to 17cm
105/60mm fits wrists 15 to 16cm


Colours And Materials

Leather is either seawater-proof calf, priced at €100 per strap, or VERO SQUALO (real sharkskin), priced at €145 per strap. Price includes the sewn-in 24mm SS buckle.

The PVD-coated 24mm buckle and the SS 22mm Mare Nostrum buckle cost €10 / strap more.

Both leathers are water-repellent and stand being submerged in seawater for a continuous 24hrs, fitting the original Marina Militare specifications.


Calfskin colors are the following:

Black (white or black stitching)
Matte-Nubuk Dark Grey, with blue shade (white or black stitching)
Dark Chocolate Brown (white or brown stitching)
Natural Tan (a red tan)
Cognac (an orange-gold tan)
Mustard (a yellow tan)

Sharkskins include the following:

Semi-gloss Black, normal pattern (white or black stitching)
Semi-gloss Khaki, normal pattern (second strap on most “Logo” Luminors)
Semi-matte Brown, special pattern: Great White
Matte-Nubuk Dark Grey with blue shadow, special pattern: Mako Shark (white or black stitching)
Matte-Nubuk Grey-Brown olive, special pattern: Mako Shark


Shipping Costs


The above-listed prices include free shipping within the EC (registered priority mail).

Need a minimum order of 2 straps for free shipping to the US and non-EC European countries.

Need a minimum order of 3 straps for free shipping to the rest of the world.



Paneristi should send me an email with their request, specifying leather-code, stitching, size, and delivery address.

I will then mail back the confirmation of their order, requesting to transfer the correct amount to my bank-account in Belgium (they get the account number and my bank's SWIFT code).

Once the money is in, the order will be processed.


More Pictures

PVD power reserve, black calf strap with white stitching and PVD-coated 24mm buckle

PAM 23 GMT with matte-nubuk dark grey calf with black stitching and SS 24mm buckle
PVD Marina (PAM 4) with brown shark (Great White)
Seawater-proof calf, from L to R: black, dark choc brown, cognac, and tan
22/22mm strap with 22mm Mare Nostrum buckle: matte-nubuk dark grey mako shark with black stitching
5218-201/A “Logo” with Black seawater-proof calf strap with khaki shark lying in the pre-vendome box
Dark choc brown strap (white stitching) on a titanium PAM 61
Dark choc brown strap (white stitching) on a PVD PAM 4