Luminor Power Reserve 44mm

Unsurprisingly the Luminor Power Reserve is a version of the standard 44mm Luminor Marina with a power reserve indicator and a date under a cyclops at 3. The power reserve, like most of the rest of the line, is or has been available with the polished steel case, in a PVD finish, or in titanium.

In the first "A series" of this iteration the power reserve hand was pointed
, and sat on a more distinct "track", but from the B series onwards the hand changed to a standard "leaf" shape. The cut-off point between these two designs was not exact i.e. you will find one or two B series models with the old arrow hand.

In addition, there are a few pictures floating about
, even in Panerai Historia, of power reserve models with the word "Panerai" between 9 and the centre of the dial, and "Automatic" between the centre and 3. The current theory is that these pictures are either prototypes, or just art work, however if somebody actually has one of these watches I'm sure we'd all be very interested to see a picture.

The A - C models all feature a power reserve indicator at 6, and large centre seconds, powered by an automatic Soprod calibre 9040 (basically a modified ETA movement).

The model then underwent a fairly radical design change for the D series. The seconds hand is now a small-seconds at 9, like all other Luminor models, and the power reserve indication at now at 4. The movement changed to be a modified Valjoux OP IX. Despite the fact that the PAM 57 theoretically only lasted for a year (replacing the PVD model, but then being phased out in favour of the changed movement and dial arrangement) there are a few D series PAM 57s
floating about, 55 pieces to be precise. How this came about I don't know; perhaps a production overrun from the previous year? Still, however this anomaly occurred, it makes for a scarce piece.

The E series (2002) was the "year of the power reserve". The line has been fleshed out completely, with a bracelet model, a left-hander's "destro", and 40mm models on both straps and bracelets.


Model reference Scans Case Dial Band Notes
PAM 27 Polished steel 44mm Luminor Black Strap A - C only
PAM 28 PVD 44mm Luminor Black hobnail Strap A - B only
PAM 57 Brushed titanium 44mm Luminor Brown hobnail Strap C only
PAM 90 Polished steel 44mm Luminor Black Strap D onwards
PAM 93 Brushed titanium 44mm Luminor Blue Strap D - G
PAM 123 Polished steel 44mm destro Luminor Black Strap

E - G
Left-handers model

PAM 124 Brushed Titanium 44mm Luminor with brushed steel bezel. Black, with silver subseconds Bracelet: alternating brushed Ti and brushed steel links. E - F
PAM 171   Brushed Titanium 44mm Luminor with polished steel bezel. Black, with silver subseconds Bracelet: alternating brushed Ti and polished steel links. F onwards