Paneristi SIHH 2007 Report

Guy Verbist


First, an admission.

It has been so long since I last went to the SIHH, there has been so much water under the bridge, or perhaps more accurately so much whisky over the palate, that I had to go back to the Paneristi archives section to find my own report in order to work out what year I had last gone. 2003. Feels like ... about 2003. Re-reading what I wrote, the report looks rushed, and frankly a little sloppy. Maybe I was in a hurry? More likely than not, given the fervour with which the Paneristi crowd bays for news every year.

How did I end up here?

Morons at the ready ...


A few weeks ago I was approached by the Paneristi owners. They always like to give the best representation possible of what is new and exciting at the SIHH, and this year they were down a man. They were looking for a "knowledgeable Paneristi" to go along and report back on this year's novelties, however having failed to find anyone suitable they were left with some guy who takes photos of himself in hotel mirrors..

Those photographic skills in full


Lars is Paneristi's point man for the SIHH this year, and he has already posted a very comprehensive report. This makes life for me easier on two counts:

Thankfully Lars has much better photographic skills than me (more on this later), so Paneristi will not be reliant on my efforts.

Additionally this means that Lars gets the "hot seat"; so when the ravening masses are wailing that the news isn't flowing fast enough, they're going to be looking to Lars to dish up the good stuff in double-quick time, not me. Still, he's a very big lad with tattoos, so no one is going to give him too hard a time.



If Lars is already doing the full detailed report, what does that leave for me to do? Instead of a comprehensive list of what's new and what's gone, and in place of any decent photos, I hope to provide a little background and some personal opinions and reflections. This is what is known in the field of journalism as "laziness".

So without further padding,

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